June 2024
Cybersecurity; New Ethics Hub launched today; Remember to use the CLSB Client Survey; new guidance on economic crime
Spotlight on… professional ethics and the rule of law

May 2024
Annual Risk Outlook; new Code of Conduct; eligibility for judicial appointment update; LawCare free webinar on the billable hour; lessons from the latest CPD audit; diversity – how the profession compares
Spotlight on… making Costs Lawyers eligible for judicial roles

March 2024
Ongoing competency; CLSB regulatory performance; time to plan your CPD; remember to update your complaints procedure; 2023 data on the Costs Lawyer profession now available; new guidance from LeO on good costs service
Spotlight on… the Association of Costs Lawyers

December 2023
Judicial appointments; 2023 diversity survey; Legal Ombudsman change of postal address; registration for new CLPQ intake open; holiday period closure; new free online course from Legal Ombudsman
Spotlight on… enhancing your skills with legal project management

October 2023
CPD for 2023; Registration for next CLPQ now open; Outcome of consultation on the Code of Conduct; Updated policy on approach to enforcement for lack of competency; Get ready to renew your practising certificate; New free online CPD course from LawCare
Spotlight on… using diversity data to help Costs Lawyers thrive

July 2023
Qualifying as a Costs Lawyer; join our reference group on on-going competency; Code of Conduct consultation closing soon; lessons from the 2023 audit of complaints procedures
Spotlight on… the new Costs Lawyer Professional Qualification

June 2023
Audit of CPD records; first Annual Risk Outlook published; Driving Social Mobility in Costs – free online event; Code of Conduct consultation now open; Call for evidence on the misuse of NDAs
Spotlight on… the role of regulation in public protection

April 2023
Pay and earnings & social mobility: diversity in the profession; changes to complaints procedures required now; trainee Costs Lawyers need you; use of outdated post-nominals and titles; updated Guidance Note on PI insurance
Spotlight on… changes to Qualifying Experience

March 2023
Changes to the Training Rules; join our advisory panel; the latest from Legal Choices; ACL survey reminder
Spotlight on… the latest from LawCare

December 2022
Changes to Disciplinary Rules and Procedures, and the need to revise your complaints procedures; 2022 diversity survey; practising certificate renewals’ holiday period office closure
Spotlight on… changes to the Legal Ombudsman’s Scheme Rules

October 2022
Renewing your practising certificate; changes to the Register of Costs Lawyers; practising fee for 2023; applications are open for units 2 and 3 of the Costs Lawyer Qualification; consultation on new regulatory arrangements for the Costs Lawyer Qualification closing soon; new policy statement on when and how we consult; lessons from the 2022 audit of complaints procedures
Spotlight on… a vision for the costs community

August 2022
Proposed CLSB priorities for 2023; consultation on the 2023 practising fee; vacancy for lawyers on the Legal Services Board; consultation on changes to the Disciplinary Rules and Procedures; consultation on new regulatory arrangements for the Costs Lawyer Qualification; debunking myths about reaching out to LawCare
Spotlight on… the importance of keeping your knowledge up to date

June 2022
How Costs Lawyers can help reduce the cost of legal services; call for advisory panel members; CLSB change of address; London Legal Walk; new joint statement on counter-inclusive misconduct
Spotlight on… treating yourself with kindness

May 2022
Mental Health Awareness Week; Lessons from the latest CPD audit; Complying with government sanctions against Russia
Spotlight on… loneliness in law

March 2022
The number of Costs Lawyers; Help ACL Training shape a new Costs Lawyer Qualification; The Costs Lawyer Profession in 2021; Digital identify checks; Reminder to Accredited Costs Lawyers; Ensuring ongoing competence of legal professionals; Legal Choices
Spotlight on…. reducing complaints from clients

February 2022
CLSB performance assessed; Mark of Regulation & Mark of Accreditation; Costs Lawyers Competency Statement; Legal Ombudsman resources; Free prize draw winner; Empowering consumers
Spotlight on…. pro bono costs orders

December 2021
Ongoing competence; 2021 diversity survey; practising certificate renewals; new Supervision Policy
Spotlight on… professionalism in costs advocacy

November 2021
Pro Bono Week; new guidance notes on pro bono work and vulnerable consumers
Spotlight on… the benefits of pro bono work

October 2021
Practising certificate renewals; new CPD Rules; consultation on Competency Statement for Costs Lawyers; lessons from the 2021 audit of complaints procedures; NCSC’s early warning for cyber attacks service; follow us on Linkedin
Spotlight on… innovation in legal services

July 2021
2022 Practising fee consultation – including CLSB draft business plan and budget; new guidance notes on on regulatory issues to consider when closing down a practice and advice for unregulated employers of Costs Lawyers; Costs Lawyer CPD course bundle from Datalaw
Spotlight on… mindfulness for lawyers

June 2021
LSB’s assessment of CLSB’s regulatory performance; policy statement on good consumer outcomes; improvements to the accreditation scheme; diversity in he profession; new guidance note on working as a Costs Lawyer outside England and Wales
Spotlight on… good complaint handling

April 2021
The Costs Lawyer profession in 2020; coronavirus impact survey results; new model complaints procedure; Stress Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Week; new guidance notes on Conflicts of Interest, Client Care Letters and Price Transparency
Spotlight on… recruiting for diversity

March 2021
Competency framework for Costs Lawyers; new client survey; Lawtech Sandbox Showcase
Spotlight on… a strategy for reshaping legal services

January 2021
CPD requirements from 1 January 2021; Rt Hon David Heath CBE appointed Chair of CLSB Board; new guidance on ATE insurance; HMCTS guidance on court safety; fax machines and analogue services being phased out
Spotlight on… the impact of the Legal Service Act 2007

December 2020
Levies in the practising fee; Professor Carl Stychin appointed as Independent Education Adviser; 2020 diversity survey; 2021 practising certificate renewals; your life in the law; Legal Choices progress report
Spotlight on… legal market dynamics

October 2020
Legal services regulation and legal services market; new guidance on referral fees and contingency retainers; using Third Party Managed Accounts (TPMAs) to deal with client money; 2021 practising certificate fee and renewals; completing CPD in 2020; recruitment of new CLSB Board Chair
Spotlight on… being a lawyer with a disability

September 2020
Practising certificate renewals move online; CJC review of guideline hourly rates; CPD changes for Costs Lawyers approved by LSB; use of Mark of Regulation
Spotlight on… being upfront about costs

July 2020
2021 practising fee consultation – including CLSB Business Plan and budget; new Practising Rules from August 2020; new Guidance Notes on Indemnity Insurance, Anti-Money Laundering and Retention of Client Data and Files; CPD in 2020
Spotlight on… emotional competence

June 2020
CLSB digital transformation; results of coronavirus impact survey; new Guidance Note for Costs Lawyers who work in firms that are regulated by the SRA
Spotlight on… diversity and inclusion