Become an Accredited Costs Lawyer

Under our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Rules, Costs Lawyers are required to achieve 12 CPD points per practising year, which equates to 12 hours of CPD. If you have been a Costs lawyer for at least four years, you can apply to the CLSB for accreditation to provide training to your colleagues and other professionals.

From 1 January 2021, it is no longer mandatory to be accredited before you can provide CPD training to other Costs Lawyers. Rather, accreditation indicates to participants that you will meet certain standards when delivering your training, giving those participants confidence in you.

Accredited Costs Lawyers are expected to comply with the Accredited Costs Lawyer Rules when they provide training to other practitioners. We may audit your training provision, either upon your application for accredited status or during your period of accreditation, to check for quality and compliance with the rules. Please ensure you have read and understood the rules before applying for accredited status.

Accredited Costs Lawyer Rules

To apply for accreditation, or to renew your existing accreditation, you can complete an application form and return it to us by email.

Find an Accredited Costs Lawyer

If you are looking for a Costs Lawyer who is accredited to provide CPD training, please visit our Accredited Costs Lawyers page.