Internal complaints procedure

We aim to ensure that everyone who contacts us receives a prompt response and is treated fairly. If you would like to give us feedback about the service we provide, please get in touch using the Contact page of our website.

If you would like to make a complaint about our service, please use the Contact page of our website or tell the person you have been dealing with that you want to make a complaint. We will always attempt to resolve your complaint informally in the first instance, by talking things through and looking for a solution.

If your complaint cannot be resolved informally, we will ask you to set out your complaint in writing to ensure we understand the issue and can address it fully. We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days.

The CLSB executive will then investigate the complaint. If the complaint is about a member of the CLSB executive, then the complaint will be referred to the Chair of the CLSB board for investigation. You will receive a written response to your complaint within 21 days of receipt being acknowledged. The response will include the outcome of the investigation and reasons.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, then you can let us know in writing. Where the Chair of the board has not already investigated the complaint, the complaint will be referred to the Chair for review. The Chair will provide a further response to the complaint within 21 days. The Chair may refuse to reconsider a complaint if they are of the view that:

  • the complaint has already been dealt with fully and the CLSB has responded appropriately;
  • it would be unreasonable to carry out a full review, for example because the complaint is a minor one; or
  • there is an opportunity for the CLSB and complainant to resolve the complaint.

A decision of the Chair in relation to the outcome of a complaint is final. Decisions of the CLSB are subject to judicial review.

Publication of complaints

To ensure we are transparent in the way we regulate, we publish the details of all complaints about the CLSB that are not informally resolved. We will publish the date of a complaint, the name of the complainant (unless the complainant asks for this to be kept confidential), the subject matter of the complaint and a summary of the outcome. These details will be published on this webpage for a period of two years from the date of the complaint.

We will not publish information where doing so would put the CLSB in breach of an obligation, for example where publication would be contrary to data protection laws or confidentiality obligations.

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