Resources for the public

This section contains resources for clients and prospective clients of Costs Lawyers, as well as other members of the public who want to learn more about the Costs Lawyer profession.

Costs lawyers are highly specialist lawyers working in the practice area of legal costs. They often work with other legal professionals, such as solicitors and barristers, but can be instructed directly by individuals and businesses. To learn more about what Costs Lawyers do and how they can help you, browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn more about how Costs Lawyers are regulated, including the standards of professional conduct they are expected to meet, read our Frequently Asked Questions or take a look at the resources in the Costs Lawyer Handbook.

If you need to find a Costs Lawyer to act for you, or check whether a Costs Lawyer is regulated by us, you can search the Register of Costs Lawyer.

If you’re interested in becoming a Costs Lawyer, you can find out more on our why become a Costs Lawyer and how to become a Costs Lawyer pages.

If you have a complaint about a Costs Lawyer, visit our complain about a Costs Lawyer page.

If you are not sure whether you need a Costs Lawyer or not independent, factual information about legal issues and legal advisers is available from Legal Choices.

To learn the meaning of legal phrases and jargon use this Dictionary of legal terms from Legal Choices.