Our approach to supervision

To ensure standards are maintained in the profession, we undertake supervision activities in relation to the Costs Lawyers that we regulate. This involves monitoring conduct in areas that we have identified as posing a high risk of non-compliance or a high risk of poor consumer outcomes in the event of non-compliance.

Our supervision activities include measures such as:

  • auditing the continuing professional development (CPD) records of Costs Lawyers
  • requiring annual provision of insurance certificates
  • collating data about first tier complaints dealt with by Costs Lawyers
  • working with the Legal Ombudsman to monitor second tier complaints data
  • requiring annual provision of Costs Lawyers’ complaints procedures and auditing these
  • collating data on the composition and nature of the profession

Lessons from our audits of complaints procedures and Lessons from the audits of CPD records are available for Costs Lawyers’ reference. 

Supervision Policy

Our approach to supervision is summarised in our Supervision Policy, which is supported by four supervision frameworks. Each of these documents can be accessed below.


Supervision Policy 224.34 KB


    Supervision Framework: CPD audit 281.11 KB


    Supervision Framework: Point of complaint monitoring 197.66 KB


    Supervision Framework: Complaints procedures 255.19 KB


    Supervision Framework: Accredited Costs Lawyers 259.90 KB