The Mark of Regulation

The Mark of Regulation is a logo indicating that a Costs Lawyer is regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board. You can use it as a badge of professionalism to highlight your regulatory status. You might want to use it on your email signature, letterhead, website or promotional material.

The Mark can be used by all Costs Lawyers who have a current practising certificate. Before you use the Mark, you will need to read and understand the Terms of Use set out below. When you use the Mark, the Terms of Use will apply to you.

You can download a high resolution image of the Mark of Regulation below.

Use by employers

The CLSB regulates individuals, not organisations. For this reason, the Mark of Regulation is intended primarily for use by you personally.

The Mark of Regulation can be used by your employer – at your discretion – to promote your regulatory status, so long as this does not cause confusion for clients or members of the public about the scope of regulation. By way of example, generic use of the Mark on the website homepage of a business that employs both regulated and unregulated individuals is likely to be misleading. However, use of the Mark on a page of the same business’ website that relates only to regulated Costs Lawyers is less likely to be misleading.

Clause 11 of the Terms of Use covers this issue.

Terms of Use

Please use the Mark of Regulation only in accordance with the Terms of Use. Non-compliant use has the potential to mislead consumers and we will take action accordingly.

We might need to update the Terms of Use from time to time. If we make any material changes to the Terms of Use, we will notify all Costs Lawyers in writing (for example, on our website or in our newsletter).

If you have any questions about how to use the Mark of Regulation, please contact us.

CLSB Mark of Regulation – Terms of Use

Download Mark of Regulation