Application forms

You can download our application forms using the links below. You can save them and fill them in using PDF software, such as Adobe. Once you have completed a form, please return it to us by email as explained on the form.

To sign a form, you can use a Digital ID. If you have not already set up a Digital ID this is a quick and straightforward process which you will be guided through when you click in the signature box (if you have opened the form in Adobe). If you would prefer not to set up a Digital ID, you can print and sign the form and return a scanned version to us by email.


Application for Reinstatement 188.47 KB

Use this form to apply for a practising certificate part-way through the practising year

First Application for Accredited Costs Lawyer Status 153.21 KB

Use this form to apply for accreditation to deliver CPD training if you are not currently accredited

Application for Continued Accredited Costs Lawyer Status 174.86 KB

Use this form to renew your accreditation to deliver CPD training

Application for a Certificate of Good Standing 180.10 KB

Use this form to request a Certificate of Good Standing

Application for a First Practising Certificate 210.79 KB

Use this form if you are newly qualified to apply for your first practising certificate

    Information about applying for a practising certificate as part of the annual renewal process can be found on our practising certificates page.

    Other forms


    CPD Form 1.94 MB

    Use this form to keep track of your CPD during 2020. When you apply for a 2021 practising certificate at the end of the year you will need to enter your CPD into our online application form.

    Client Survey 235.60 KB

    Encourage clients to complete this form to provide feedback on your service