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Resources for Costs Lawyers
Resources for the public

What is the CLSB?

The CLSB regulates Costs Lawyers in England and Wales. We exist to protect the interests of consumers and the wider public.

We set the professional standards that Costs Lawyers must meet and we can take action where a Costs Lawyer’s conduct falls below those standards.

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What is a Costs Lawyer?

Costs Lawyers are qualified experts in legal costs. They can advise clients on issues like litigation costs, the cost of legal services (such as solicitors’ or barristers’ fees), and legal aid costs.

They have a right to appear in court on behalf of their clients on matters relating to costs.

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CLSB and Association of Costs Lawyers

The Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL) is the professional body for Costs Lawyers.

The CLSB works closely with ACL, but we are different organisations. ACL’s main role is to promote the interests of Costs Lawyers, while the CLSB’s main role is to protect the public interest.

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