Newsletter – March 2023

From the CEO

In February we received approval from our oversight regulator, the Legal Services Board, to make changes to our Training Rules. This approval is a significant milestone in creating a new regulatory framework for qualifying as a Costs Lawyer. Working closely with the profession, we have developed rules that will make the qualification process more flexible and attractive, while still providing assurance that all new qualifiers meet the expected standards. Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

The key changes that arise from this approval include:

  • Establishment of transparent, consistent processes and criteria for accrediting training providers to deliver the Costs Lawyer Qualification. These criteria are collated in a new Accredited Study Provider Scheme Handbook, available on our website.
  • Introduction of Assessment Outcomes, which are linked to the knowledge and skills in the Costs Lawyer Competency Statement. Training providers will need to design assessments for the Costs Lawyer Qualification that test these Assessment Outcomes.
  • Removal of unnecessarily prescriptive regulations that dictated the length, structure, content, delivery method and entry requirements for the Costs Lawyer Qualification. These factors will now be determined by the training provider –ACL Training – in response to the needs of students and employers.
  • Improved flexibility and clarity around the requirements for Qualifying Experience. This includes a reduction in the amount of experience needed from three years to two years, while ensuring that experience is recent and relevant. Costs Lawyers will also be able to apply for a practising certificate prior to completing their Qualifying Experience but after finishing the Costs Lawyer Qualification, bringing more people into regulation sooner and thus upholding standards among new qualifiers.

These changes will allow us to support ACL Training as it develops a modern and engaging new course offering for future practitioners over the coming months. You will be hearing more from us and from ACL Training about the new course soon, including at ACL’s April conference in Manchester. If you have any questions in the meantime about how these changes will affect you, your staff or your profession, please contact us.

Kate Wellington


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