Newsletter – October 2023

From the CEO

As we approach the end of the practising year, it is worthwhile taking a moment to reflect on your CPD for 2023. There is still time to ensure that you have undertaken sufficient CPD to comply with the CPD Rules, in line with your training objectives. Here are some tips for what you should be thinking about now.

At this stage of the year, we encourage you to:

  • Ensure you’re on track to have a minimum of 12 CPD points by the end of December (or 1 point for each full month worked if you haven’t been practising throughout the year). If you don’t currently meet the minimum requirement, you should plan and book the additional CPD you need, in line with your CPD objectives for the year. Remember that CPD activities need not have been completed before you submit your application for a 2024 practising certificate, but you do need to have planned and booked them in so you can provide the details required in the application form.
  • Update your full CPD record with all CPD activity you have carried out to date, as well as your evaluation of that activity against your objectives. A suggested template is available on our CPD webpage, which you might find useful. There is no obligation to use the template, but it provides a structure which you can be confident will allow you to meet the requirements of the CPD Rules. We have recently updated the template in light of findings from our CPD audits over the last two years.
  • Gather evidence of CPD undertaken throughout the year together in one place, in case you are selected for audit. You must retain evidence of CPD undertaken in 2023 until the end of 2025. If you leave your organisation, make sure you take the evidence with you. Where you have completed a CPD activity for which a certificate of attendance (or similar) was not provided, our Guidance Note explains the kind of evidence we would expect you to keep.

Our CPD webpage contains a wide range of resources, including the CPD Rules, Guidance Note, suggested template for planning and recording CPD, a worked example of the template and much more. There are also extensive FAQs covering your CPD obligations. As always, if you can’t find the information that applies to your specific circumstances, please contact us in good time before the end of the year.

Kate Wellington


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