Interaction with other CLSB rules

Although this guidance focuses on your obligations under consumer law, it is important to note that there is nothing new in terms of your legal obligations. To the extent you have been dealing with consumers to date, this guidance should reflect what you have already been doing given you need to comply with consumer law in order to comply with the Code of Conduct.1Principle 2.1 provides that you must at all times act within the law

In any event, you will see that there are many similarities between the requirements of consumer protection law and the requirements of regulatory rules that apply to legal services and Costs Lawyers specifically. Although overlapping, it is important to recognise that the two regimes are distinct and you will need to consider your responsibilities separately under each to ensure full compliance.

This guidance cross-refers to other CLSB documents in a number of places, which you still need to be familiar with. It does not cover other laws or rules enforced by the CLSB, SRA or other sector regulators and you must continue to comply with your broader legal sector regulatory obligations. The CLSB’s core regulatory rules can be found in the Costs Lawyer Handbook.

  • 1
    Principle 2.1 provides that you must at all times act within the law