The CLSB has opened a consultation on changes to the Costs Lawyer Code of Conduct, the core principles of professional conduct to which Costs Lawyers must adhere, fostering public confidence in individual practitioners and the profession as a whole.

From 2019 to 2023, the CLSB carried out a systematic review of all of its regulatory arrangements. The Code of Conduct is the final document to be considered under that programme of work. A review earlier this year focused, in particular, on ensuring that the Code of Conduct aligns with:
• the CLSB’s other updated regulatory arrangements;
• the findings of a recent CLSB research project funded by the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund (the RPF project) looking at the role of Costs Lawyers in the sector;
• research into the competencies expected of a qualified Costs Lawyer;
• expectations of the CLSB’s oversight regulator, the Legal Services Board (LSB), and promotion of the regulatory objectives in the Legal Services Act 2007;
• the Better Regulation Principles, and in particular ensuring that the Code does not impose unnecessarily broad regulatory burdens; and
• evidence of good practice from across the professional services sectors.

The full consultation paper explains the rationale for a series of proposed changes to the Code of Conduct following the review. It raises questions that you might like to consider as part of your consultation response, although we welcome comments on any aspect of the proposals.

Consultation responses should be sent to [email protected] by 5pm on 14 July.