Proposed new Costs Lawyer Competence Assessment (CLCA)

Today, the CLSB sent the draft CLCA to all Costs Lawyers and the ACL for their final comments before an application is filed with the LSB for their consideration on this means of entry into the profession. The closing date for comments is 21 November 2018.


reader-iconAnnex 1 (Statement of Legal Knowledge) Part 1
reader-iconAnnex 2 (Statement of Legal Knolwedge) Part 2
reader-iconAnnex 3 (Statement of Competence) Part 3
reader-iconAnnex 4 (Training) Part 4
reader-iconAnnex 5 (Statement of Competence) Part 5
reader-iconAnnex 6 (Exemptions)
reader-iconAnnex 7 (Exemption Application Form)
reader-iconAnnex 8 (Part 5 certificate)
reader-iconAnnex 9 (Relationship with CoC)
reader-iconAnnex 10 (CLCA Completion Record)