Application for Reinstatement to the Register of Costs Lawyers and a Costs Lawyer Practising Certificate

Before beginning your application

Please read the following information carefully before beginning your application. In particular please note that the data you enter will not be saved until you submit your application and that it will be deleted if left for longer than 4 hours, so you must have all the information and documentation you need to hand before beginning your application.

Information you will need

  • Your personal details, including your organisation’s address and phone number
  • Details of the CPD you completed during the last practising year (if relevant)
  • Evidence of your professional indemnity insurance and complaints handling procedure (unless you work exclusively for a firm regulated by the SRA or in-house)
  • Any purchase order number or finance reference that you need to appear on the invoice for your practising certificate fee
  • Evidence of parental leave taken during the previous practising year if you wish to apply for fee remission in line with our policy outlined in the Parental Leave FAQs at the bottom of this webpage

Protecting your data

All the data in your form will be stored on our server, and accessed by your PC, while you are completing it. To protect your personal data it will be deleted on submission of your form, or after 4 hours of inactivity. If you are using a PC that can be accessed by other people you should not leave it unattended while the application form is in progress. If you have to leave the PC while your application is in progress you should use the "Clear application form" button. This will erase all the pre-populated data and additional information you have entered. You can begin the application again by clicking the link in the email when you are ready.

Completing your application

An invoice for your practising fee and a copy of the information that you enter in your application will be emailed to you after submission of this form. Your application is not complete until the invoice has been paid.