Application to be an Accredited Costs Lawyer

How it works

The fee to be accredited for a period of 3 years is £125.

After reading these instructions, begin your application by clicking 'start' below, and 'next' at the end of each section. You can also use the section headings on the left to move around the application pages at any time.

To protect your data the form will not save anything you have entered if you leave it for more than 20 minutes without doing anything. This means you will need certain information to hand before you begin. As long as your Costs Lawyer number is entered below, you can click through the headings on the left to check what information is required. In summary you will need:

  • Your personal details, including your organisation’s address and phone number
  • Details of the experience you have in delivering training
  • Knowledge of the Accredited Costs Lawyer Rules
  • An electronic sample of training materials, if possible

A Fee Note and a copy of the information that you enter in your application will be emailed to you after submission of this form. Please use the Fee Note to arrange payment. Your application is not complete until your payment has been received.