CPD requirements – up to 31 December 2020

Why are the old CPD Rules still relevant?

On 1 January 2021, new CPD Rules came into force for Costs Lawyers. Information about the new rules, including supporting materials, can be found on our CPD page. Below you will find information about the old rules, which applied up to the end of the 2020 practising year.

The old rules will be relevant to practitioners who apply for reinstatement to the register in 2021 and who practised for at least part of the year in 2020. Those practitioners must show that they carried out CPD activities in 2020 in compliance with the old rules.

What are the old CPD Rules?

You can download the old CPD Rules, along with the guidance and a template CPD record, using the links below.


CPD Rules 342.57 KB


CPD Guidance 485.78 KB


CPD Record 1.94 MB

    Under the old CPD Rules, Costs Lawyers were required to complete 12 hours of CPD, equating to 12 CPD points, each practising year. Those CPD points had to be derived from certain categories of activities, as outlined in the CPD Rules and guidance. There was a cap on the number of points available for each category.

    What adjustments were made to the old CPD Rules to address COVID-19?

    In 2020, social distancing measures made it difficult for Costs Lawyers to attend CPD events in person. In response to this, we introduced a policy to enable Costs Lawyers to obtain all their CPD points for the 2020 practising year from remote learning activities (e-learning) if need be. You can find out more in our full policy statement.

    Some Costs Lawyers were also furloughed or otherwise not able to work for certain periods in 2020 due to COVID-19. The requirement to attain 12 CPD points for the year was reduced by one CPD point for each full month that a practitioner was not able to work. If you wish to rely on this dispensation when applying for reinstatement, we will ask for evidence of your time away from work (such as a letter from your employer) to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. You can find out more in our CPD dispensation guidelines.

    How do I apply for reinstatement?

    You can use our Application for Reinstatement form. If you were practising in 2020, you will also need to complete a CPD record (available above) and return it with your application form.