CPD opportunities during the pandemic

Following the response of Costs Lawyers to our coronavirus impact survey we have put together a list of free or low cost CPD training available.

Please note that this list comprises training offered by the providers who responded to our enquiry. It is intended as a starting point to help you access affordable CPD in the current climate; it should not be read as an endorsement or an exhaustive list of the training available across the market. Many of the organisations we contacted are keen to hear from practitioners about what additional training would be useful, so please do send them your feedback.

Costs / legal practice

Hardwicke Chambers Regular free online sessions of 30 minutes each on a variety of legal topics, as well as free written resources on their COVID Hub.
To access: click on the links above to choose a session and book.
Datalaw 60 minutes of free training from across all CPD courses (including the Costs Lawyer Course Bundle created specifically for Costs Lawyers regulated by the CLSB) with a 7-day free trial for Costs Lawyers regulated by the CLSB.
To access: Visit Datalaw website.
Hailsham Chambers Free Costs Q&A sessions via Zoom every month.
To access: email [email protected] for more information or to sign up.
Legal News Free webinars on topical legal issues for practitioners in Wales.
To access: visit the Legal News page on Eventbrite.
Legal Aid Agency Free one hour online seminars on a range of topics.
To access: visit the seminar listing on Eventbrite.

Wider professional practice

Legal Ombudsman Free online courses on good complaint handling practices.
To access: enroll via the website or email
[email protected] if the next available date is not showing.
LawCare Fit for Law – a free 4 hour online training course on emotional competence and professional resilience for both individual legal professionals and employers, to promote psychologically and emotionally healthier ways of working in law.
Free webinars on issues relating to mental health and the law, such as developing emotional competence and professional resilience.
To access: visit the LawCare page on
MBL Free webinars:
Being a Resilient Professional with Sally Gunnell OBE
A Guide to Unconscious Bias in Recruitment
To access: click on the links above.
Acas Free online learning, including courses and webinars, in relation to practice management issues such as diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, and people management.
To access: visit the website and create a free account.
NCSC Online learning from the National Cyber Security Centre on cyber security.
To access: visit the webpage and follow the links.


For more information on any of the above, please contact the training provider directly. When using any of the offer codes, your name may be checked by the provider against the online Register of Costs Lawyers.