How to: The CLSB (Conduct)

The CLSB deals with complaints about conduct of Costs Lawyers only.

All complaints about Costs Lawyers should be referred to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) in the first instance so LeO can confirm the complaint is about conduct only. Please therefore direct any conduct complaint you may have about a Costs Lawyer, which has not been resolved to your satisfaction under their complaints procedure (within the designated 8 week period) to LeO in the first instance.

The following policy applies to those making a complaint to the CLSB about the professional conduct of an authorised and regulated Costs Lawyer.

Policy on Expectations of a Complainant

LeO can be contacted on the following:

Legal Ombudsman
PO BOX 6806

Phone: 0300 555 0333 (Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 5.30)


CLSB can be contacted as follows:

Centurion House
129 Deansgate
M3 3WR

Phone: 0161 956 8969 (Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 5.30)


Making a complaint about the CLSB

In the event of a complaint about the CLSB or a member of its staff, defined internal complaints handling policy will be followed.

Policy on Internal Complaints Handling