CLSB recognised by the Law Society of Scotland for the purposes of authorised and regulated Costs Lawyer registration as a foreign lawyer in Scotland

The CLSB is pleased to advise that following an application to the Law Society of Scotland (LSS) for registered foreign lawyer status by a Costs Lawyer, the LSS considered whether it was satisfied that the profession of the Costs Lawyer is “so regulated as to make it appropriate to register the applicant for those purposes” (s60A(4ZA) of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980).

Following extensive consideration, discussion and an assessment against defined criteria, the outcome was that the LSS agreed Costs Lawyers authorised and regulated by the CLSB would qualify to be registered as a foreign lawyer in Scotland by the LSS.

A CLSB regulated Costs Lawyer would be required to satisfy the LSS that they have:
(i) not less than five years in aggregate of qualifying employment experience; and
(ii) a Certificate of Good Standing issued by the CLSB (annually) complying with Scottish legislation and practice rules.

Under the new arrangement the CLSB is required to notify the LSS in the event it becomes aware the statements made by the CLSB in the most recent Certificate of Good Standing “would no longer be true if the certificate were to be issued again”. Processes have therefore been implemented at the CLSB to ensure compliance with this requirement.