CLSB file application for approval of proposed new Costs Lawyer Competence Assessment

The CLSB has today filed an application for the LSB to consider and approve a new means of entry into the profession by way of a Costs Lawyer Competence Assessment (CLCA), divided into five parts. The application can be accessed below:

Annex 1 (Statement of Legal Knowledge) Part 1
Annex 2 (Statement of Legal Knolwedge) Part 2
Annex 3 (Statement of Competence) Part 3
Annex 4 (Training) Part 4
Annex 5 (Statement of Competence) Part 5
Annex 6 (Exemptions)
Annex 7 (Exemption Application Form)
Annex 8 (Part 5 certificate)
Annex 9 (Relationship with CoC)
Annex 10 (CLCA Completion Record)